Focus your child's mind, body & soul.

Children are natural born yogis.

Their flexibility and inhibition allows them to fully express themselves without distraction. We combine yoga poses with engaging songs, puppets and stories that increase flexibility, motor skills and more. Breathing exercises, guided imagery and relaxation techniques are all explored during the class.

Benefits of Kids Yoga:

-To help balance the mind and body

-Increase strength and flexibility

-Build confidence, self-esteem

-Increase self-awareness


-Breath awareness

-non competitive




Mello Yoga is the best! My daughter loves Ms. Lisa and even uses her techniques at home. We often go into tree pose when we’re frustrated... very great work, great teacher, great experience!!
— Tali Vaughn
My daughter loves practicing yoga at her preschool with Miss Lisa each week. She loves learning new poses (her current favorite is “boat pose”) and teaching them to friends and family. I love her enthusiasm for the program and that she is learning from another woman that her body, mind, and spirit are strong and worthy of self care.
— Sara Fowler Lewis